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" When only the best physical and energetic support for the artists is good enough... "


Actuaily, 'touring' is quite exhausting for everybody, even when travelling in a luxury way.


Quite often, your artists will struggle whith physical inconveniences,

the reason why it also become difficult on a mental level in the long run.


'Giving the best of yourself' each time is comparable to the profession of top-class sporters.

Make sure they can give their performance in an excellent state of physical and

mental condition when going on stage !!


One thing is sure : artists want to be fit as a fiddle before going on stage...

So why would you miss this opportunity of a beneficent supporting relaxation and dynamic boost?

You're simply the best


You could simply add the link below on the rider for your artists.


Maintaining a professional attitude in my job, I have no interest in selfies nor signatures as groupies or fans do.


For the sake of discretion and out of respect for my clients, you will not find any pictures about my activities except one on the homepage.




For further information about my professional background, I invite artists, tourmanagers and managers of festivals or concerts to read about me.




Ramses Goos


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Cell : +32 (0) 473.345.461