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" I feel great and full of energy,

so I can give urforgettable performances... "


Performing is like top-class sport, you perform a lot better by feeling great and energetic in body and mind.

Also tourmanagers and managers of festival or concerts will certainly agree on this.


Depending on your complaint or preference, we both examine the problem in order to see how we can easily deal with it.

In most cases I apply a combination of Western and Eastern techniques, with a focus on treatment of physical and/or mental blocks.


"No need to strip your clothes", meaning that the massage (Tuina, without oil) or treatment will be applied upon your clothes, the ideal 'backstage' approach...

Special skills


Muscle tensions lead to limitations which can quickly be released by treating them manually.

Even the smallest detail like the hyoid bone will get attention, so also your voice will sound successfully !!


Maintaining a professional attitude in my job, I have no interest in selfies nor signatures as groupies or fans do.


For the sake of discretion and out of respect for my clients, you will not find any pictures about my activities except one on the homepage.




For further information about my professional background, I invite artists, tourmanagers and managers of festivals or concerts to read about me.




Ramses Goos


Mail :


Cell : +32 (0) 473.345.461