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Ramses "Rams" Goos

Born in the summer of '69


It was written in the stars

that I would do something in the music industry...

As a teenager I came into contact with Chinese Medicine due to injuries during taekwondo competitions.

Fascinated by the quick results of the acupuncture treatments, it piqued my interest and curiosity.

In my search for the purpose of my life it became clear that this was calling me.


After my degree in ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’, I also achieved a qualification in ‘manual neurotherapy’,

so that I can combine both in my treatments.

Sometimes 1+1=3…!!


Thanks to my long experience in a group practice as a manual neuro- and TCM-therapist,

I am specialized to offer a very quick relief of physical inconveniences.


Since 2013, I am also a teacher for different massage courses at Syntra, an institute for adult education.

I travel to the East on a regular basis to get extra training in massage techniques

such as ‘Tuina’ in Bejing and ‘Thai massage’ in Chiang Mai.


Passionately fond of music and dance, I am happy to contribute my mite to this sector since 2015 by raising the energy to the ultimate performance level before going ‘on stage’,

allowing everybody – before and behind the curtains – to fully enjoy the event,

actually being the reason for a spontaneous smile while remembering these beautiful moments later…





~ The Jacksons ~


Ramses Goos


Manual Neuro Therapy

TCM Therapist & Teacher




Mail : info@backstage-massage.com


Cell : +32 (0) 473.345.461


Adress : Keizerstraat 81

B-9120 Haasdonk